Meditations on the ‘slutphone’

Great writers mediadate upon old ruins, castles, beautifuls views. Or may be love and heroes. Well, I’m not a great writer, that’s a fact. So, I feel free to write about anything.

But…my dear no-great writer, there’ s no such thing as a slutphone’ – you might say. Oh yes, the thing exists, believe me and it’s the side-effect of ‘sex lib.’

Oh let it go, Lorella, we are well past the Middle Ages’ – would surely reply any smart guy with a wink.

Well, the fact is, in terms of double standards, we are still in the Middle Ages or in the Stone Age, if you like it better. Let me tell you a story.

A friend of mine, nice person, neither a rapist, nor a criminal, but a friendly kind of guy, has brilliantly organized his sex-life. He’s got two mobile phones, one for the legitimate girlfriend, the one he sometimes takes with him to dinners, friends’homes, to the cinema etc. Then, carefully hidden, he’s got ‘the slutphone’ – a linguistic invention of his, as far as I know – which he uses for quick contacts with ‘the sluts’ that keep on calling him to have sex.

So what?’ Are you a puritan? We live in a sexually liberated world, don’t we?’ The typical guy would surely frown, this time.

This is not the point. I don’t question the individual freedom to make their own choices. I question double standards. A woman may believe she’s sexually liberated and free to have as much sex as she likes with as many men as she wants. But nearly any man, in this ‘sexually-liberated’ world, would consider her a ‘slut’, or very close to it. While the man – needless to say – would see himeslf as the up-to-date version of Don Juan.

That’s what I can’t stand about the slutphone

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